About Us


Andy Furlong WA2FGK has been licensed since 1959 and has been a Senior RF & Microwave Technician for MSC Microwave Semi Conductor in Somerset, NJ, and for ANADIGICS in Warren, NJ.

He is given credit for having built the first solid state amplifiers used on 1296 MHz and 2304 MHz in EME contactsWA2FGK has been operating VHF/UHF contests since the 1960’s, but is now spending 90% of the time doing EME operations on 50 MHz through 1296 MHz, and welcome skeds using CW, JT65, or SSB.


Herb Krumich K2LNS has been licensed since 1957 and enjoys CW contacts 80 meters through 10 meters with full legal limit with enough metal in the sky to be a junk yard. Herb is the operator for station WA2FGK.

Snail Mail For Skeds:
311 Meadow Run Rd.
Bear Creek, PA 18702
Phone: 1-570-829-2695
E-mail: wa2fgk@yahoo.com


WA2FGK’s Antenna Farm Below:cropped-Tower10a2-380H.jpg

We are currently on 6 meter EME with a pair of M7 element beams.